Corporate Excellence Award

Back in 2008, we have decided to challenge Baltic stock exchange-traded companies by launching Corporate Excellence Award initiative. Two years later the same initiative was launched also on the pan-European scale and in 2014 for the first time we have assessed Corporate Excellence on the Global scale.


The key idea behind the project in Baltics is to determine excellent companies in the Baltic stock universe and to motivate other exchange-traded companies to improve their corporate transparency, financial results and other aspects in order to become attractive investment targets. We believe that initiative will help the executives of the Baltic companies to assess the factors and criteria investors are evaluating before making an investment decision.

Winners 2023

  1. Telia Lietuva

    The telecommunications leader in Lithuania with a dominant position in fixed and mobile internet. Telia Lietuva offers a wide range of services, leveraging ecosystem advantages and attracting new users. The company's stable financial condition and successful business model provide a solid foundation for its further development.
  2. Apranga

    A leader in clothing retail in the Baltic states, with rapid growth in all operational regions, has managed to overcome many challenges and increase both turnover and profit with double-digit growth. The group's owned stores are available in the largest shopping centers in the Baltics and continue to maintain a high customer base in online shopping platforms.
  3. Tallinna Kaubamaja

    The largest retail group in Estonia, employing more than 4600 people and serving customers in 91 stores throughout Estonia, has shown excellent resilience to market instability and increasing competitive pressure, demonstrating leadership and efficiency. The group has expanded in the hypermarket segment with the Selver brand.