Investment Research

Research areas

Research is the backbone of our firm as the composition of our portfolios is based on the rigorous fundamental analysis. We offer our research also as a service which is flexible but primarily it includes a comprehensive analysis of companies. The analysis is produced by the experienced team of analysts, assisted by the proprietary analytical tools and modern data analysis methods.

Business model, competitive advantage and growth potential
Financial position, including also earnings plausibility
Corporate governance quality
Corporate social responsibility

Transparent and detailed research documentation

Our research efforts translate into very detailed and transparent documentation, providing an interested party with a 360 degree view on the company. Analytical classics, like SWOT, is well complemented by our proprietary features, such as scoreboard assessment of financials, management, business model and environment that come along with a short one-page summary on every title.

Alternative data platform - ASTUTEX

We provide the research based on the alternative analytical data obtained from ASTUTEX, an alternative data platform, tracking millions of data points and linking them to a universe of around 1000 companies worldwide - mainly B2C - where this data matters most.