Research of Baltic companies

We provide our clients with broadly diversified investment solutions geographically, but with our knowledge we can also analyze relatively small markets and companies. To facilitate the development of the local capital market, our analysts have conducted research on companies listed on the Baltic market, which can serve as an additional tool for investors to make their decisions. The analysis provided is not an investment recommendation but merely represent the current state of the business.

Read and review Factsheets below and be well-informed about the Baltic listed companies.

Strong sales recovery
Financing cost destroy profits
Rock bottom with style
Pandemic weight on the results, but digital media provide support
Worries about pollution scandal impact
Finance costs grew rapidly, leaving their mark on net profit
Disapponting Q4 19 results did not spoil annual view
2Q'20/21 Results: Despite excellent sales, net loss is reported
Market cooling off, Order book down by 38%
Increase in sales and profit despite worsening market conditions
Fight for Survival
Weak top line trend continues, but forecast looks ok
The future is still bleak
At full-speed ahead
Exchange rate makes it all
1Q'21: Struggle continues, liquidity keeps afloat
Stalled same store sales and ongoing lockdowns
Tallinna Sadam
Significant decline in profitability due to travel restrictions
Challenging year behind, 2021 starts with change in shareholding
1Q'21: growing sales and capex
Ongoing resilience helped by higher volumes and geo expansion