Individual investment solutions

We develop individually tailored investment solutions and investment portfolios adjusted to financial market developments and the individual requirements of each client. Clear, disciplined and systematic analysis, which is the key to the success of sustainable investments, will be the foundation of all our products.

Fundamental company and market analysis

We do market, industry and company research for you. We develop company assessments methodology that covers such aspects as business model, financial position, corporate governance, market and industry, valuation, corporate social responsibility, etc.

Asset allocation consulting

Our team will help you to build financial asset portfolio and decide on asset allocation most beneficial to the current macroeconomic situation. Risk profile and time period are among the most important factors, which are taken into account.

Tax consulting

Our team will provide you with comprehensive assistance in managing income taxes (capital gains, dividends, etc.), offering clear and constructive ways of planning your tax payments and developing your tax strategy.


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