Research of Baltic companies

We provide our clients with broadly diversified investment solutions geographically, but with our knowledge we can also analyze relatively small markets and companies. To facilitate the development of the local capital market, our analysts have conducted research on companies listed on the Baltic market, which can serve as an additional tool for investors to make their decisions. The analysis provided is not an investment recommendation but merely represent the current state of the business.

Read and review Factsheets and be well-informed about the Baltic listed companies

  • Comment on the quarterly results;

  • KPIs, financial and valuation ratios on the reporting date.

Use the on-demand analysis to be knowledgeable about what’s happening with Baltic market

  • In-depth analysis of business case;

  • Review of company's financial and operational development;

  • Opinion on valuation and the dividend policy;

  • Evaluation of the corporate governance system.


Stay Up to Date On The Latest Research

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