We are an independent asset manager offering transparent investment solutions and helping clients achieve their investment objectives. Our solutions are a convenient and safe way to allocate your money on leading global companies.
SINCE 2004


We are flexible, accesible and eager to find the best solutions for each client. Own analyst team allow us to make independent decisions based on a clear and comprehensible in-house research.


We are licensed investment firm and a part of Swiss asset management group with more than 15 years of experience. We work as manager only and all assets are held by client's custodian banks.


Our activities are completely transparent - we systematically assess in details every company in which we invest and clients have access to thorough research. Our fees are simple, clear and fair.

Our Services

We offer investment solutions that help our clients conveniently and safely allocate assets on the leading global companies.


For the long-term investor investing in the global stock market is a smart way that will help to cover inflation and to generate profit. Stock investing is an appropriate strategy in case of long investment period, which would help to mitigate potential volatility of the portfolio.

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Alphinox TOP 8 stratēģija*18.7%5.2%44.9%-31.6%47.9%17.3%36.8%9.3%14.8%18.6%
MSCI Pasaules indekss10.7%2.9%19.6%-13.0%31.0%6.5%29.9%-4.1%7.5%10.7%

More about investment strategies


  • Almost 20 years of experience and one of the largest financial market analyst teams in the Baltics allow us to make independent investment decisions based on clear and detailed data analysis. We know every company which we select into investment portfolio, and our clients have access to full information about the investment decisions made.
  • It is not possible to predict portfolio return, especially in the short term. Historical performance of the stock market in the long term (> 3 years) is around 8-10% a year. We have proven that we can create investment strategies that have higher returns and lower risk than the general market.
  • Investments are made in stocks of companies, which means that investors become partial owners of the specific companies in the portfolio. Stock return reflects the increase in the value of the companies and includes paid dividends. There are only a few high-quality companies in the general market and our team's goal and focus is to find them and create a diversified portfolio.
  • We do not apply a minimum investment amount. Becoming Alphinox customer, you can start with any amount of capital. However, to cover service costs, minimum monthly commissions can be applied (depending on the selected custodian bank), therefore it is recommended to create an investment portfolio starting from EUR 50 thousand.
  • Clarity in all aspects, in our opinion, is a prerequisite for long-term cooperation, so the commissions are also simple and transparent. The standard management fee is 0.8% per year of the portfolio value. It is possible to reduce the management fee by making payments from the profits made.
  • Alphinox is an investment company licensed by the Bank of Latvia. Alphinox acts only as a manager giving buy or sell orders to client’s brokerage. It does not hold any client funds. This means that all securities are in customer accounts with custodian banks. Alphinox’s managed portfolios primarily consist of large well-known companies listed on global stock exchanges. Analyst team makes careful check of the company’s financial position, business model and industry to ensure that potential risks are minimized.
  • The investment period is not fixed, the client can stop using Alphinox services at any time, and sell the securities portfolio or continue to manage it independently. In case less than 18 months have passed since the start of the service, the client will need to pay a management fee for this period.
  • Send your contacts to, 26161168 (WhatsApp) or call 67808975. We will answer the unclear questions and send the necessary documentation to become our customer.
  • The value and performance of all securities in the portfolio can be seen at any time in the custodian's bank account. Customers receive a detailed portfolio report once a quarter. Information about the portfolio companies and investment decisions made is also available to clients upon request.