Corporate Excellence Award

Back in 2008, we have decided to challenge Baltic stock exchange-traded companies by launching Corporate Excellence Award initiative. Two years later the same initiative was launched also on the pan-European scale and in 2014 for the first time we have assessed Corporate Excellence on the Global scale.


The key idea behind the project in Baltics is to determine excellent companies in the Baltic stock universe and to motivate other exchange-traded companies to improve their corporate transparency, financial results and other aspects in order to become attractive investment targets. We believe that initiative will help the executives of the Baltic companies to assess the factors and criteria investors are evaluating before making an investment decision.

Winners 2020

  1. Telia AB

    - Offers a broad lineup of telecommunication services, which creates a certain eco-system, allowing Telia Lietuva to attract new users and make cross-selling; - Its heritage fixed-line and well-established infrastructure allowed it to reach leading market shares in areas it operates; - High service quality and ability to pioneer and offer the latest technological solutions; - The financial health of Telia Lietuva provides the capacity to undertake further initiatives to expand the business model and to continue paying lucrative dividends to its shareholders.
  2. Tallinna Kaubamaja

    - One of the biggest retailers in Estonia with 92 Selver stores having a large loyal customer base. Innovative; - Tallinna Kaubamaja was the first one to introduce self-service cashiers in the country and to develop an e-enviroment. - In a constant seek for the development opportunities (e.g. Acquisition of ABC Supermarkets). - Stays relatively resilient to the economic crisis caused by the global pandemic.
  3. LHV Group

    - A largest (10% market share) and fastest-growing domestic financial group in Estonia; - Vast experience and knowledge in the Estonian financial market (major shareholders are in the finance field from 1991; - Provides more flexible investment services for privates and corporates comparing to rather conservative competitors; - Heavily investing in the creation of new banking products (launched LHV Kindlustus that will offer non-life insurance products), as well as on customer education and maintenance of its loyalty